Coggeshall Lineage

I have just completed the entries for my Coggeshall lineage.  Like all genealogical endeavors, it will never be “complete,” but this entry includes just the direct line from John Coggeshall, born in 1549, to Anna Coggeshall, born in 1699.  Anna married William Arnold.  Their ancestors should be followed to is confluence with my Coleman heritage.

Many genealogists simply follow the direct line of ancestors, father to son, to son, etc.  However, I have taken great pleasure in jumping off the direct line to investigate distant cousins.  My cousins also led some very interesting lives and the Coggeshall line is no different.

Perhaps one day, when I get some extra time, I may share the exploits of some of those cousins in this blog.  In the meantime, enjoy reading of my Coggeshall line.


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