Coggeshall Lineage

I have just completed the entries for my Coggeshall lineage.  Like all genealogical endeavors, it will never be “complete,” but this entry includes just the direct line from John Coggeshall, born in 1549, to Anna Coggeshall, born in 1699.  Anna married William Arnold.  Their ancestors should be followed to is confluence with my Coleman heritage.

Many genealogists simply follow the direct line of ancestors, father to son, to son, etc.  However, I have taken great pleasure in jumping off the direct line to investigate distant cousins.  My cousins also led some very interesting lives and the Coggeshall line is no different.

Perhaps one day, when I get some extra time, I may share the exploits of some of those cousins in this blog.  In the meantime, enjoy reading of my Coggeshall line.

Lippett Farmstead

Over the years I have found that wandering off the direct family line to harvest information on 2nd, 3rd, 4th cousins has proven very interesting.  I have found some well-known people who are distant cousins and some not well-known cousins whose lives were interesting or that provided a previously unknown connection to another family line or to something in my life.

I have recently been spending time exploring cousins in my Arnold family line, and as always, have found some interesting details.  One such cousin, Sarah Arnold (4th cousin, 7x removed), married Abraham Lippett in 1748 in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Their oldest son Joseph (1771-1862) married Rosannah Wells, and they moved to Otsego County in New York, where they built a homestead and spent their lives farming.  That is not unusual for that time.  But, it turns out that in 1951, Joseph’s great grandson donated that farmhouse to the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, NY.  Although I haven’t visited the Farmer’s Museum in many years, it was always a favorite.  As a child, my parents brought us to the Farmer’s Museum on several occasions (it being only about an hour’s drive from home) and I brought my children there later in life.

Now that I know about the Lippitt Farmhouse connection, I think it’s time for another long-overdue visit.  If you would like to know more about the Lippitt Farmhouse, click here.

Presidential Connections

I don’t usually go in for searching for famous relatives, but I ran across a document indicating that four U.S. Presidents trace their ancestry to Robert White who is my 9th Great Grandfather.  I thought it was interesting and set off to find out if it is true.  It is!
  • Millard Fillmore is my 7th Cousin, 3x removed
  • U.S. Grant is my 6th Cousin, 3x removed
  • Grover Cleveland is my 7th Cousin, 2x removed
  • Gerald R. Ford is my 9th Cousin
Along the way, I found some interesting cousins too, all tracing their ancestry back to one of my 9th Great Grandfathers, Robert White.