Morrissey Lineage

DENNIS JOSEPH MORRISSEY was born about 1844 in Ireland.  He arrived in America in 1848, when he was 4 years of age.  He married Mary Regan, who was born about 1845, in Pennsylvania.


1.      James F. , born 1870, died 1947. He married Catherine , born 1884, died 1931. They
are buried together in the Calvary Cemetery, Harry L. Drive, Johnson City, Broome,   New York with inscribed headstones.
2.      Edward born 1872.
3.     Mary E., born Dec 1874, in New York State.  She married Peter Hogan.
4.     Corneilius born 1876.
5.     Anna born 1879 – lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
6.     John born 1883.

Mary E Morrissey
MARY MORRISSEY was born in December 1874, in New York State.  She married Peter Hogan.

Peter Hogan and Mary E. (Morrissey) Hogan raised nine children in Binghamton, Broome, New York.

Mary is buried in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery, Johnson City, Broome, New York.







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