Shaylor Lineage


The early members of the Shaylor family in America spelled their name in several ways (Shailer, Shayler, Shaylor, etc.). All, however, were pronounced with the long a. Shailerville, Connecticut and Shalerville, Ohio were both named for members of the Shaylor family. Anna Shaylor’s father, Ephraim, was apparently the first of the line to spell his name Shaylor.

This account of the ancestry of Anna Shaylor has been compiled from the following sources:

1. A genealogy of five generations of descendants of Thomas Shaylor from a compilation by Harrison Shaylor, published in Volume 4, Number 4 (March 1972) of the Connecticut Nutmegger (pages 532-541). This account does not list the last three children of Ephraim Shaylor–one of whom was Anna Shaylor–who were baptized together in Haddam, Connecticut in 1756.

2. A Supplement to the Shaylor Genealogy, by Ms. Jean Rumsey, published in Volume 5. Number 1 (June 1972) of the Connecticut Nutmegger (pages 73-75).

3. A manuscript by L.B. Barbour entitled “The Descendants of Thomas Shailer of Haddam,” now in the Manuscript Collection of the Connecticut Historical Society. This account does list Ephraim’s last three daughters–including Anna–and mentions that Anna married Thomas Coleman.

4. A manuscript by H.W. Brainard, copied from Rollin A. Tyler’s collection on the Shailer family, which is also in the Manuscipt Collection of the Connecticut Historical Society. Anna Shaylor and her two sisters, Sarah and Hannah–the last three children of Ephraim Shaylor and Eunice Wright–are named. All three were baptized on 12 September 1756 in Haddam, Connecticut.

5. The vital records of Bolton, Connecticut, and Vernon, Connecticut.

6. The records of the Congregational Church of Bolton, Connecticut which show the Thomas Coleman married Anna Shaylor on 25 November 1766.

7.  Genealogy & Record of the Shailer, Shaler, Shailor, Shaylor Family, by Lawrence Shailer, 1997, Chapel Hill, NC.


THOMAS SHAILER was born in England, probably during the 1640’s. He died about 1692 when he was lost at sea. He married Marah Spencer, the daughter of Gerrard Spencer, and the widow of Thomas Brooks, in April 1670, probably in Haddam, Connecticut. The marriage can be proved by the wills of (Ensign) Gerrard Spencer and his son, John Spencer (Hartford Probate Court Records).

Thomas Shailer reportedly emigrated from Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, although the name was common in the Village of Haddam in Hertfordshire, England. He came to Haddam, Connecticut with the first settlers in 1662–probably from Hartford, Connecticut. He participated in the division of land in Haddam in 1688, and was propounded for Freeman in 1671.

He apparently lived for a time in Killingworth, Connecticut where the birth of his son, Nathaniel, is recorded. He returned to Haddam and lived there until about 1692 when he sailed for Jamaica in the West Indies. He was never heard of again, and was presumed to have been lost at sea. His estate was not settled until 22 December 1714 (Volume 9, pages 17 and 18 of the Hartford Probate Court Records). Since his wife was not included in the settlement, or in an agreement between his sons in 1707, it is assumed that she died befor 4 March 1707.


1. Thomas, born 16 December 1670 in Haddam, died 4 June 1753 in Haddam, buried near the Haddam Courthouse, married Katherine Clark on 22 October 1696.

2. Abel, born 14 June 1673 in Haddam, died 19 September 1744 in Bolton, Connecticut, married (1) Elizabeth Ackley, (2) Mary Parents, (3) Hannah .

3. Timothy, born about 1675 in Haddam, died 11 April 1727, married (1) Elizabeth Parents of Haddam on 28 March 1696, (2) Martha (Bailey) Scovill on 16 November 1715 in Haddam.

4. Nathaniel, born 17 December 1677 in Killingworth, Connecticut, probably died before the 1707 agreement between the sons.

5. Anna, born 16 October 1683, died after 22 December 1714, married John Clark of Hartford before 4 March 1707.


ABEL SHAILER, the son of Thomas Shailer and Marah Spencer, was born on 14 June 1673 in Haddam, Connecticut. He died on 19 September 1744 in Bolton, Connecticut, and is buried near the Haddam Courthouse. He married (1) Elizabeth Ackley, the daughter of Nicholas Ackley, who died between 20 March 1697 and 5 January 1698. On 5 January 1698 he married (2) Mary Parents, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Parents (first settlers in Haddam) who died in 1705. He married (3) Hannah on 7 August 1706. They moved to Bolton about 1718. Abel owned a farm south of Bolton Center on the main road to Hebron. He was a farmer and prosperous landowner. He was survived by his wife, Hannah, who died in 1770. His will is dated 20 December 1742, and was proved on 6 November 1744 according to the Records of the Hartford Probate Court.


1. Elizabeth, died before 1740, married (1) James Coodshkott, (2) John Hoisington of Wallingford, Connecticut.


1. Marah, born 21 June 1699 in Haddam, died 8 May 1729, married John Hill of East Guilford, Connecticut.

2. Jemima, born 9 February 1703 in Haddam, married Daniel Dart of Bolton on 13 April 1719.

3. Mary, born 13 June 1705 in Haddam, died after 1742, married Benjamin Grover.


1. Ephraim, born 8 February 1708 in Haddam, died about 1769 in Bolton, married Eunice Wright.

2. Sarah, born 27 December 1709 in Haddam, died about 1748, married Joseph Fitch of Windsor, Connecticut on 25 December 1729.

3. Reuben, born 14 December 1711 in Haddam, lost at sea in 1749, married Abrigail Stow.

4. Hannah, born 20 August 1714 in Haddam, married Samuel Spencer in Bolton on 26 April 1736.

5. Mirriam, born 16 April 1717 in Haddam, married Samuel Towley of Hebron, Connecticut.

6. Ebenezer, born 1 September 1719 in Bolton, died 30 March 1761, married Judith Larabee of Coventry, Connecticut on 27 March 1746, remained on the family farm in Bolton.

7. Nathaniel, born 10 April 1722 in Bolton, died 9 October 1737.

8. Abel, born 23 January 1726 in Bolton, died 19 September 1726.

9. Thankful, born 23 January 1726 in Bolton, died 13 September 1810 in Cambridge, New York, married (Capt.) Joseph Wells on 17 May 1750 in New London, Connecticut. Abel and Thankful were twins.

10. Timothy, born 23 May 1729 in Bolton, settled in Savanna-la-Mar, Island of Jamaica.


EPHRAIM SHAYLOR, the son of Abel Shailer and Hannah , was born on 8 February 1708 in Haddam, Connecticut. He died about 1769 in Bolton, Connecticut. He married Eunice Wright, the daughter of Joseph Wright, Jr. and Mirriam Merick. She was born on 28 December 1715, and married (2) Joseph Burnham on 16 August 1769 in Bolton. She died on 7 February 1781. Ephraim Shaylor was admitted to the Congregational Church of Bolton on 27 July 1735. He was, apparently, the first of the family to spell his name Shaylor.


1. Jemima, born 6 January 1735 in Bolton, died 21 September 1800, married Daniel Lombard on 25 January 1759.

2. Ephraim, born 28 August 1736 in Bolton, died before 1790.

3. Nathaniel, baptized 17 December 1738 in Bolton.

4. Eunice, baptized 10 April 1740 in Bolton, married Johnathon Webster in Bolton on 16 October 1759.

5. Anna, born about 1744 in Bolton, baptized with her two younger sisters on 12 September 1756 in Haddam, died before 1820, probably in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, married Thomas Coleman of Bolton on 25 November 1766 in Bolton.

6. Sarah, baptized with her two sisters on 12 September 1756 in Haddam.

7. Hannah, born in 1755 in Haddam, baptized with her two older sisters, Anna and Sarah, on 12 September 1756 in Haddam, married Justin Granger on 25 May 1780 in West Springfield, Massachusetts.


ANNA SHAYLOR, the daughter of Ephraim Shaylor and Eunice Wright, was born about 1744 in Bolton, Connecticut. She was baptized with her two younger sisters, Sarah and Hannah, on 12 September 1756 in Haddam, Connecticut. She died before 1820, probably in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. She married Thomas Coleman on 25 November 1766 in Bolton — both being from Bolton according to the records of the Congregational Church of Bolton.

Anna Shaylor moved with her husband and children from Bolton, to the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania, near Wilkes-Barre, after their son, Reuben, was baptized in Bolton on 14 August 1781 — but before the 1790 census when Thomas and his family were recorded in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. They moved to Wyalusing, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1797, and were recorded there in the 1800 census. Her four youngest children are all accounted for in successive census records in Bradford County and adjacent Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Anna was the mother of nine children.

Anna’s son, Reuben, had — in addition to a wife and four children — a female over 45 years of age living with him in Pike Township, Bradford County in the 1810 census. This could have been his mother, Anna Shaylor. Otherwise, Thomas and Anna are not recorded in Pennsylvania after the 1800 census — although Heverly, in Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, indicates that Reuben’s father died in 1812, which is probably correct.

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